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Claire Hublet, President SIB 2016-2018


The "restart" of a BeNeLux Mentoring program, 29 september-10 June 2018,

This project is for myself and for the team Mentoring of capital importance.
... and do not forget the Mentors Soroptimists, who are strongly involved in this project as a volunteer. Without this group Soroptimists this program can not be achieved.

As a young women, would you be interested?

We are looking for 4 Belgian mentees,

who would like to invest in their own future or possibly receive support, whole or partial of a club.

To benefit from personal assistance during a trip of 9 months, of a competent Soroptimist, as an example, a Mentor, and in addition, to participate in 3 weekends of seminars with professional trainers.

Thanks to the assistance of this team of trainers, you will gain confidence in yourself, to learn better attitudes as leaders, to discover your qualities. The final objective is to accept that you cannot know everything but will know how to use your strengths.

Through this call we promote the program. Take this unique opportunity!

We are running out of time. We hope that this project will be a success and will develop in the future, in collaboration with the Netherlands and the G.D. of Luxembourg.

Deadline for candidates Mentees: extended until May 30, 2017

Feel free to contact me as President, or to make contact with the Belgian Coordinator:

Claire Hublet, President, 2016-2018     voorzitter.sib@soroptimist.be 

Marlise Binder, Coordinator Mentoring SIB mentor.sib@soroptimist.be







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