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2018-10-21BASTOGNE-COEUR ARDENNEBALADE FAMILIALE ESCAPE GAMEFaire connaître notre club. Et soutenir des associations qui aident les personnes atteintes de cancer
2018-09-29VERVIERSLe Relais pour la Vie Verviers Collecte de fonds en faveur de la lutte contre le cancer.
2018-08-31AALSTVZW GOEDE WIL - THAISEHelp financially a single lady with 2 children of 4 and 12 years old.
2018-08-24AALSTLEVENSLOOP 2018Fundraising for research against cancer
2018-08-01KNOKKE-OOSTKUSTHet Vlot, therapeutisch dagverblijf voor kinderenAanschaf van een nieuw uithangbord en de donatie van oud linen, dekbedden, ... om te herbruiken als slabbers, bedonderleggers,...
2018-06-12AALSTDON BOSCO SCHOOLOur club participated in the purchase of an AED defibrilator
2018-06-12ANTWERPENAscenseur "De Roma" (centre culturel)Rendre accessible la salle cinéma et le premier étage aux handicapés , aux gens âgés et en plus faciliter le travail des bénévoles (61% femmes) parce qu'y apporter du matériel sans ascenseur est difficile et très lourd.
2018-04-14AALSTI give you my heartConvince people to register officially to become an organ donor
2018-03-20IEPERThrow away diapersWe sponsored throw away diapers for poor families in our region in order to give the children the care they need and to help the mothers that can't afford such diapers. hrow away diapers are very normal and even evident to us, but it isn't for everyone because of their price. We donated € 300,00 to Te Goare, a organisation iWe consider it a succes because in this way, we can give comfort to mothers and babies, comfort that, otherwise, they cannot afford.n our town that supports families in need
2018-03-15IEPERTele-OnthaalTele-Onthaal is an organisation that telephonically gives mental help to people who need it. It is leaded by professionals and volunteers take the calls day and night. Mental health and support is very important for lonely and desperate people in need. They can tell their story anonimously and without being condemned. The seven soroptimist clubs of Western Flanders donated each € 500,00 (together € 3.500,00) for this project.
2018-03-15KNOKKE-OOSTKUSTTele-onthaal, praten is de eerste stap!Omdat praten belangrijk is. 24/7 een anoniem, telefonisch of via chat, pladform hebben waar eenieder terecht kan met om het even welk probleem.
2018-03-08LAND VAN WAASCompagnon - young dementia - 2018The COMPANJONG is an organisation who want to help young people with dementia. They want to make sure that they don't get into isolation.
2018-03-08LEUVENSequoiaFondsmental health for elderly
2018-02-19BRUGGEpelicanoPelican is een stichting van openbaar nut die op een duurzame manier de strijd wil aangaan tegen kinderarmoede hier bij ons. leven in gezonde levensomstandigheden, voldoende voedsel, degelijk onderwijs en een zinvolle vrijetijdsbesteding.
2018-02-15OUDENAARDE - VLAAMSE ARDENNENShare Your HairThe project provides wigs for children who have lost their hair due to medical treatment or any other form of alopecia
2018-02-05OUDENAARDE - VLAAMSE ARDENNENHeartbeatsHeart beats wants to improve the quality of life of people with dementia by visiting them and using headphones with their favourite music.
2018-02-01SIBShare your HairIl a été prouvé que la santé mentale d'un enfant est extrêment important pour guérir d'une maladie grave. En général donner l'occasion à un enfant chauve de se sentir comme les autres enfants, de regagner sa confiance en soi, est primordial pour son bien-être.
2018-02-01CHARLEROI-SOLEILMONTSoutien de la Maison du Mieux Etre du GdHCWe have decided to support the "Maison du Mieux Etre," an organization that exists within the structure of the Grand Hopital de Charleroi to assist people living with or recovering from cancer.
2018-01-15BRUXELLES DOYENRe-Source center asblAméliorer la qualité de vie des patientes, diminuer le taux de récidive, créer du lien social , rendre le patient acteur de sa vie et améliorer ses chances de guérison. Un témoignage direct nous est parvenu d'une de nos membres. Notre soutien permettra de faciliter la réinsertion des patientes atteintes d'un cancer du sein dans la vie active. Les diverses activités proposées par des bénévoles (médecins, kinésithérapie, accueillantes) sont très positives et boutent le moral.
2018-01-09IEPEROrgan DonationOne of our members gave information about organ donation to the students of the last year of the secondary schools in Ieper and coördinated the afternoon. We invited the responsable for organ donation of UZ Gent, a person who got a transplantation and a lady who gave away the organs of her husband, who was killed in an accident. It were very emotional testimonies and the students were impressed. We contributed to their awareness of the opportunity to give life to other people.
2018-01-06EUPENTélévie à Eupen et environs TELEVIE 2018 Notre Club a cette année 16 ans d'existance et c'est aussi la 16. fois que nous organisons la vente de produits Télévie dans notre ville d' Eupen et environ. Nos membres avec l'aide des scouts St. Martin et de la jeune Croix rouge et le soutien logistique de la ville d'Eupen espérons récolter une jolie somme qui sera versée intégralement au FRNS. Images: Documents:
2018-01-05OUDENAARDE - VLAAMSE ARDENNENTronkestikTronkestik is a treatment home in Bruges, specialized in youth care. Sail4Children, a side-project, gives sailing-lessons to families who needs mental help.
2018-01-04IEPERSpecial beauty care for less fortunated womenWe organized a morning during wich we first offered 16 less fortunated women a good breakfast and afterwords special beauty care by pupils hairdressers and manicures. It is project exclusively for women who can't afford a heardresser or manicure. Good care helps them to be more self-confident so that they are stronger and can face their problems in a better way. We bought them a good breakfast and ate together. Afterwards, the pupils heardressers and manicures took care of the women, who real
2018-01-01GENT-SCALDILYSSexual Assault Care Centres for victims of sexual ViolenceMultidisciplinary centre for victims of sexual violence. The purpose of the centre is -a patient centred fully coordinated approach to care and legal aspects. -to increase success rate of therapy, decrease risk of repeated victimisation. -Provides immediate access to all relevant services needed. The centre provides Medical care, psychological care, emotional support, forensic examination, filing a complaint to the police when decided, follow-up care up to 12 months after the assault
2018-01-01BRUGGEscharnierde dialyse is een schakel tussen de nierpatient en zijn omgeving.
2018-01-01OUDENAARDE - VLAAMSE ARDENNENOscar in Villa RozeroodWe published a book "Oscar in Villa Rozerood" to support and promote Villa Rozerood
2018-01-01test clubtitrebut
2017-12-22IEPERFood BankWe donated 200 christmasdiners for free for the Food Bank, that provides poor people with food and meals. We realise that the fourth world is not far away, but in our town and that, very often, women and girls are the victims. We gave € 1.000,00 for the ingredients and could motivate a professional cook to prepare the meals. We realize that Christmas is a time for sharing, peace and charity and we wanted them to have a warm Christmastime. We were glad to be able to reach 200 people.
2017-12-12IEPERdental hygiene for Thibetan childrenWe sponsored research concerning and lessons in dental hygiëne for Thibetan children. We had the occasion because the daughter of one of our members studies dental medicine and mouth hygiëne for Thibetan children is the subject of her thesis. We first got an explanation on the project in order to be informed and then we donated € 1.500,00.
2017-12-10LIER - DE ZILVEREN KNOOPAmbulance WensAmbulance Wens is een VZW die de laatste wens van terminale bedlegerige patiënten tracht waar te maken .
2017-11-14IEPERThink PinkThink Pink supports women who have cancer and supports scientific research concerning cancer. When patients buy a wig, Think Pink gives them € 200,00. The Share your care fund of Think pink gives patients moments without sorrow within and outside the breastclinic. The Smart Fund of Think Pink payes for innovative and scientific research concerning cancer. We donated € 500,00 for the organisation on the occasion of a meeting during wich the responsable people of Think Pink explained the a
2017-11-12KNOKKE-OOSTKUSTAfia Shuleni vzwGezondheid op school, meer bepaald seksuele voorlichting voor het 2de en 3de secundair, in DR Congo (Zuid-Kivu). Project van Dr. Van Staey
2017-11-11KNOKKE-OOSTKUSTHet VlotVerlichting van een van de taken van het verplegend personeel in dit dagcentrum.
2017-10-26SINT-TRUIDENVA is koningDimentia met al zijn problemen in het daglicht stellen.
2017-10-21MARCHE-EN-FAMENNELes restos du coeurNotre club a contribué à l'achat de matériel de cuisine de collectivité pour le Resto du Coeur de marche-en-Famenne
2017-10-07IEPERCancer patientsWe made of the film Hidden Figures a fund raising and donated € 5000,00 to the hospital of Ieper, specifically for cosmetic proWe supported this section of the hospital several times in the past and are aware that not everyone has acces to dermatological products, although the patients need them, just as the scarves. As women we are convinced that, when women have health problems, it is very important to be able to take care of themselves.ducts and scarves for cancer patients.We organised a fun
2017-10-02VAL BRABANT-WATERLOO100 sans-abris relogés: Infirmiers de RueTravail de terrain apportant soins infirmiers, réinsertion des sans-abris dans un logement afin de diminuer leur morbidité et leur mortalité et augmenter leur bien-être.
2017-10-01ANTWERPEN DE ZES ROZENVZW Adic OP+Our club actively supports and participates in a programme of empowerment of women in rehab and who are taken care by an association with their children
2017-10-01EUPENAménagement de la cuisine du " Haus der Begegnung "Faciliter la préparation quotidienne des repas par les bénévoles pour les personnes défavorisées fréquentant l'établissement, afin de préparer des repas seins et équilibrés tout en valorisant les produits récoltés de leur propre potager.
2017-10-01HASSELTTUKI asblLe but de la vente de boîtes avec des petits déjeuners est pour l'asbl TUKI. Cette asbl soutient des enfants avec une maladie qui menace leur vie.
2017-10-01ZOTTEGEM ZUID-OOST-VLAANDERENH.E.L.P. vzwHELP vzw is an organisation of voluntary medici who perform surgical reconstructions of congenital malformations and acquired urogenital fistula so that girls and women would be accepted in their community.
2017-10-01SIBToogal Djangue vzwensure poor children the possibity to go to school in proper conditions
2017-10-01SIBBread Bagsto increase the awareness of organ, blood and stemcell donation
2017-10-01SIBLichtpunt voedselverdelingthe food distribution to disadvantaged families in Zottegem
2017-10-01SIBde hoop vzwsupporter a day center for disabled persons
2017-10-01SIBKinderziekenhuis UZ GasthuisbergFinanciering van een speeltuin op het dak van het kinderziekenhuis UZ Gasthuisberg in Leuven.
2017-10-01LEUVENKinderziekenhuis UZ GasthuisbergFinanciering van een kinderspeeltuin op het dak van Kinderziekenhuis UZ Gasthuisberg te Leuven
2017-10-01AALSTLEVENSLOOP 2017 AALSTFUNDRAISING FOR "Foundation against Cancer"
2017-09-30AALSTRelay for Life Aalst 2017 Our Club did some fundraising and participated to the 2017 edition of Levensloop (Relay for Life) in Aalst Fundraising project in favor of "Foundation against Cancer"
2017-09-24ANTWERPEN DE ZES ROZENThink Pink: race for the cureOur club participated in the race for the cure, an awareness race organized by Think Pink, a global organization for the fight against women's breast cancer
2017-09-24ANTWERPEN DE ZES ROZENThink pink : race for the cureDeelname aan het evenement van Think Pink ter bestrijding van borstkanker bij de vrouwen
2017-09-24EEKLO-MEETJESLANDRace for the cureRFTC is the biggest event worldwide in the fight against breast cancer.Think-Pink is the Belgian organising ambassador of Race for the Cure. They also commemorate loved ones who lost the battle, as well as those still fighting today. On the day of the event breast cancer survivors celebrate their victory against breast cancer, support those who are still battling the disease, and honor those who have not survived.
2017-09-24KNOKKE-OOSTKUSTThink PinkHet steunen en supporteren van 2 Sorop fietsers op het RFTC event op 24 september in Antwerpen.
2017-09-01MECHELENVerpleegstersschool RWANDAZie project 2016
2017-07-01AALSTSOROPTIMIST TANZANIA RULIDEWe sponsor a training on female genital mutilation, on food preparations to preserve nutrients needed for human bodies and entrepreneurship for economic improvement
2017-06-21HAMONT-ACHEL NOORD-LIMBURG2 Noord Limburgse soroptimisten Bike for Think Pink Support an organisation that works for research in Breastcancer.
2017-06-16AALSTDOOSJE VOL TROOST (Box with comfort)A box of comfort is a material set for children between 5 and 12 years and their(grand)parents (or supervisors)to communicate creatively together on fragile topics
2017-06-01LIER - DE ZILVEREN KNOOPPink RibonettesOur Club supports the Pink Ribbonettes . They exercise (kano) weekly on sunday morning In Lier .
2017-06-01GENT-SCALDILYSBorn in Africa - Medical SupportFund a visit to the optometrist and the dentist for children for BIA children.
2017-05-04GENT-SCALDILYSGavoorGelukProviding an educational activity box to be used in schools to help children feel moor self-confident, happier, integrated. Prevent depression and suicide.
2017-04-18LEUVENRondou fondsTo ensure medical research can be done with regard to the Duchenne disease (muscle dystrophia) and to sensitize more about the disease.
2017-04-11IEPERLight FixturesOne of our members had the opportunity to obtain a free pallet of light fixtures for hospitals, homes, schools etc. We gave them to the Lovie.The Lovie is an institution for mental retarded people and they can use every support, whatsoever. The fixtures were used for a better enlightnment of the daily activity center.It is a succes because the lamps would normally be thrown away. We got them for free and gave them a destination that fits the aims of soroptimist club.
2017-04-03DEUX SOURCES (GEMBLOUX-EGHEZEE)Renouvellement de la domotique de l’ASBL AVJ (Aide à la Vie Journalière) NamurEnviron 1 % des citoyens belges sont des personnes handicapées adultes de grande dépendance, qui ont besoin d’aide pour accomplir les gestes simples de la vie quotidienne. Nous sommes sensibles s à leur droit à accéder à des solutions adaptées à leurs besoins.Dans un quartier de logements adaptés à des personnes handicapées locomoteurs graves de la région de Namur,une domotique obsolète ne permettait plus de vivre en « autonomie » en toute sécurité. Nous avons donné un coup de pouce financier.
2017-03-07LEUVENStop darmkanker (Luc Colemont)The association "Stop darmkanker" tries to proactively provide preventive information to possible patients with colon cancer. Also they invest in further medical research with regard to colon cancer.
2017-03-06IEPERVZW UMUBANO RwandaA daughter of one of our members participated to a Agricultural project against malnutrition in Rwanda, district Huye. The aim is to fight malnutrition of children in a sustainable way by supporting the cultivation of vegetables. The harvest is used to feed the children younger than 5 years old and the surplus is sold on a local market.
2017-03-01DEUX SOURCES (GEMBLOUX-EGHEZEE)Volet 2017 - Jardins de coeur, Jardins de pochefinancement de 2 ateliers Pousse et croque légumes pour les bénéficiaires du Resto du coeur. But : apprendre à cultiver facilement des légumes de saison dans du matériel de récupération, découvrir des recettes simples à cuisiner.
2017-03-01LIER - DE ZILVEREN KNOOPSpecial Olymics (health division)Support health program special olympics
2017-02-07IEPEROrgaandonatieOne of our members gave information about organ donation to the students of the last year of the secondary schools in Ieper and coördinated the afternoon. We invited the responsable for organ donation of UZ Gent, a person who got a transplantation and a lady who gave away the organs of her husband, who was killed in an accident. It were very emotional testimonies and the students were impressed. We contributed to their awareness of the opportunity to give life to other people.
2017-02-01LAND VAN WAASOrgan donation - awareness-raising action with bread bags.-2017With a text on 250 000 bread bags we want to inform people about the existence and usefulness of organ-,blood- and stem cell donation.
2017-02-01EUPENSensibilation aux dons d'organesSensibiliser la population aux questions liées aux dons d'organes.
2017-01-11TOURNAITournai pour le don d'organesSensibiliser les membres du clubs ainsi que les tournaisiens aux dons d'organes. Conférence de Valentine de le Court pour la fondation Laly le 11 Janvier. Les 11 et 12 Mars, présence du Fédéral Truck sur la Grand Place. Le 20 Mai, participation au Télédon avec les télévisions régionales.
2017-01-01MAASEIKLeprapatiënten IndiaJosine Rosvelds frequently travels to India to look after and accompany the local leprosy patients in the leper colony Puri Orissa. She is supported in her efforts by Soroptimist of Maaseik.
2017-01-01BRUGGEUniqueLes parents confrontés à des anomalies chromosomiques rares chez leurs enfants trouvent un soutien auprès de l'association Unique.
2017-01-01BRUGGEABC pour les parents d'un enfant atteint d'autisme Accompagner les parents dont un enfant est atteint d'autisme par une équipe de professionnels ; 8 fois dans l'année. Le but est de mieux comprendre leur comportement.
2017-01-01ROESELARE-ROSLARSolfa, Prenatal Care for African Womenprevention by ensuring a good level of prenatal care, by informing the population and raising awareness, by cooperating with the local medical provider, by making sure that highly pregnant women can await the onset of their labour in safe circumstances and nearby a place (waiting maternity homes) where, if needed, a emergency section can be performed.
2017-01-01ROESELARE-ROSLARHartekamp vzwHartekamp organizes an annual summer camp, weekends and trips for children who needs day-to-day medical care. We provide them an unforgettable holiday. Those children can not participate in a "normal camp" given the medical care and also because of the necessity of medical infrastructure. 90 childr'en can take a holiday and it costs 50.000 euros for the medical support (for ex. 1 nurse for one child,...)
2017-01-01MONS-BORINAGETELEVIE (recherche contre le cancer) Nous avons soutenu la RTL-TVI (Chaîne de Télévision belge) dans leur campagne de collecte de fonds dédiée à la recherche sur le cancer. En raison du nombre élevé de victimes du cancer, parmi lesquels il y a beaucoup de femmes. Pour améliorer la visibilité des Soroptimist car la campagne est dirigée par une chaîne de télévision très populaire et sur la soirée de clôture, ils ont un spectacle grandiose avec beaucoup de téléspectateurs, au cours de laquelle ils montrent aussi les opéra
2017-01-01ANTWERPEN ANTHOSGhaproMaking prostitutes aware of the health risks related to their profession by offering a platform for education, psycho-social help and a friendly meeting place.
2017-01-01ANTWERPEN ANTHOSPro AvalanchePro-Avalanche fights for improving health care, especially dental care, in Cambodia by educating, providing water tanks, toothbrusches
2016-12-14MECHELENLUISTERPUNTBIBLIOTHEEKIs een bibliotheek voor slechtzienden en blinden. Wij sponsoren het inlezen van boeken in Daisy en in braille.
2016-12-12VAL BRABANT-WATERLOOLes Cerfs-VolantsCette pouponnière accueille des tout petits (0-3 ans) dans le cadre d'un placement. Un lieu de rencontre devait être aménagé pour que le lien parental ne soit pas rompu. La violence envers les tout petits a toujours des répercussions sur leur avenir. A leur arrivée, ces enfants présentent, pour la plupart, des signes de retrait autistique et/ou des difficultés et retards de développement importants. Si le lien parental peut être maintenu et mieux, rétabli, la répercussion sur l'état de l'enfant
2016-11-26BASTOGNE-COEUR ARDENNEconcert jazzfaire connaître la musique
2016-11-17KORTRIJKThe Walking Egg - FertilityThe Walking Egg non-profit organization strives to raise awareness about childlessness in resource-poor countries. Women are abused and banned from their communities because of their infertility. The Walking Egg wants to make fertility care, including assisted reproductive technologies, available and accessible to a much larger proportion of the population.
2016-11-15VAL BRABANT-WATERLOOInfirmiers de RueTravail de terrain apportant soins infirmiers et réinsertion des sans-abris dans un logement afin de diminuer leur morbidité et leur mortalité et augmenter leur bien-être. Deux de ces infirmières de rue sont venues nous parler de leur ASBL. Nous avons trouvé leur travail de terrain admirable. Depuis 2005, cette asbl agit comme intermédiaire afin de rétablir les liens entre les personnes vivants dans une grande précarité, leur environnement et les services de santé.
2016-10-20SIBTejo - Therapeuten voor jongerenTejo, a voluntary organisation, helps young people with free mental-therapy on a shortterm, approachable, anonymous, free of charge and without waiting times. 
2016-10-20KORTRIJKTejo - Therapists for youthTejo, a voluntary organisation, helps young people with free mental-therapy on a shortterm, approachable, anonymous, free of charge and without waiting times10
2016-10-15VAL BRABANT-WATERLOO100 sans-abris relogés: Infirmiers de RueDepuis 2005, cette asbl agit comme intermédiaire afin de rétablir les liens entre les personnes vivant dans une grande précarité, leur environnement et les services de santé. Cette organisation médico-sociale est convaincue que la fin du "sans-abrisme" à Bruxelles est possible. Elle y contribue en sortant de la rue les personnes sans logement les plus vulnérables au niveau de santé, et en mobilisant les associations et le public pour trouver des solutions durables à cette problématique. Le su
2016-10-01EEKLO-MEETJESLANDTHINK PINKWe inform, raise awareness, supports scientific research and raise money for car and after-care projects. Think pink has four goals: - inform - sensibilisation - financial support for scientific researsch - financial support for care and after-care
2016-10-01ZOTTEGEM ZUID-OOST-VLAANDERENLichtpunt transportNotre club parraine le transport de la nourriture aux familles démunies de Zottegem.
2016-10-01BRUGGEMammaprint : Early Stage Breast Cancer DiagnosticsWe want to avoid unnecessary chemotherapy for women whose breast cancer has a low risk of metastases.
2016-10-01AALSTFREEKJE VAN SCHUYLENBERGHSchenking van een Bobath tafel voor een jonge vrouw (32j) die een lijdt aan een locked-in syndroom veroorzaakt door een bloeding in de hersenstam
2016-10-01ZOTTEGEM ZUID-OOST-VLAANDERENH.E.L.P.We support HELP in their work of reconstruction of congenital malformation and of urogenital fistulae in women, so that they feel accepted.
2016-10-01ZOTTEGEM ZUID-OOST-VLAANDERENOrgan donation - awareness-raising action with bread bags.With a text on bread bags we want to inform people about the existence and usefulness of organ-,blood- and stem cell donation.
2016-10-01ZOTTEGEM ZUID-OOST-VLAANDERENInfo-avond borstkannkerNotre club a organiser une soirée pour encourager la communication avec ceux qui souffrent du cancer.
2016-10-01ZOTTEGEM ZUID-OOST-VLAANDERENSimilesWe donated some funds to the organization Similes that helps family members of disabled people.
2016-10-01BRUGGEVliegend PaardThe project gives support to an organissation that provides in childcare for children with special needs. It provides childcare before and after school hours for children between 0-12 years, and extramural childcare during school hours for little children with special needs between 0-3 years. We helped them realise a hugspace. The children are stimulated in this room, to use all their senses.
2016-10-01EEKLO-MEETJESLANDEye-Hope foundationthe mission is to stimulate and support the research for treatments that can stop the progression of Wolfram Syndrome as well as treatments that will restore the damaged cells.
2016-10-01EEKLO-MEETJESLANDbroodzakken voor orgaandonatieonze club steunde de valentijnsactie met 5.000 broodzakken. Daarmee zetten de serviceclubs orgaan-, bloed- en stamceldonatie in de kijker. “Ieder mens kan ooit een orgaan nodig hebben. Iedereen kan bijdragen door zich officieel te registreren als orgaandonor in het gemeentehuis"
2016-09-17AALSTLEVENSLOOPTeambuilding within the Club against cancer the funds gained from a golf tournament was given to Relay for Life (against cancer)
2016-09-16OUDENAARDE - VLAAMSE ARDENNENFashion show: "Mode, dit is Oudenaarde"We wanted to support an eye-specialist (habitant of Oudenaarde) who built a hospital in Kigali where little children with catharact are treated. We also wanted to support a hospital in Belgium by sponsoring an ice-cap. With this cap, women can keep their hair when curing of cancer.
2016-09-04SPASoutien Recherche -Centre Anticancéreux de l'Université de Liège - Fonds Léon Frédéricq Remise de bourses au jeunes doctorants/chercheurs de l'université de Liège soit attribution d'un budget pour entamer ou poursuivre des recherches principalement au niveau de la recherche du cancer. 1ère action : remise d'un chèque de 10.000 € le 04 septembtre 2016 au Pr Jacques Boniver co-coordinateur/organisateur de la sélection par un comité scientifique des lauréats, pour la qualité de leurs travaux.
2016-09-02SINT-TRUIDENkunstgala AssterIn het kader van 175 jaar geestelijke gezondheidszorg in Sint-Truiden hebben we een kunstveiling en galabal georganiseerd. Met de opbrengsten worden er projecten georganiseerd om de geestelijke gezondheid te bevorderen en het taboe hier rond te doorbreken.
2016-09-01ZOTTEGEM ZUID-OOST-VLAANDERENFemmes amputées d'HaïtiQui veut aider les femmes amputées d’Haïti ? Elles ont perdu une jambe ou un bras dans le grand tremblement de terre en 2010. Aujourd’hui, elles veulent redécouvrir l’autonomie et retrouver le goût de vivre. Malheureusement elles attendent encore une prothèse.
2016-09-01ANTWERPENZiekenhuis voor ziekenhuisMemisa is a NGO that aims to provide qualitative health care on a long term. They stimulate local autonomy in projects in Central Africa, Azia and South-America.
2016-06-28IEPERhealthcare 2016 - De Lovie Poperingea gift of 5 000 euro for renovation of sanitary installation for the unit of the ill in De Lovie Poperinge. The goal of the project is to contribute to the welbeing and the health of mental retarded persons.
2016-06-09ANTWERPENDementieOnderzoek ondersteunen naar de ontwikkeling van predictiemodellen & therapeuthische doelen voor de ziekte van Alzheimer via gerichte analyse van genetische risicofactoren
2016-06-06DEUX SOURCES (GEMBLOUX-EGHEZEE)Soutien de la Saint Nicolas d'enfants handicapés ou en revalidationLe CHN Lennox est un centre de référence pour la réadaptation neurologique pour adultes et enfants. La fête de Saint Nicolas offre une bulle de joie et d'insouciance à ces petits patients. Nous soutenons ce projet qui s'inscrit dans une médecine humaine et humaniste.
2016-05-01AALSTCLINICLOWNSOur club has managed to hire (for a year) a couple of clowns to visit every week hospitalized children in the 2 hospitals (OLV & ASZ) of Aalst
2016-04-23ANTWERPENMake a child so (ZOO) happyThe 'Zeepreventorium' focuses as a medical pediatric rehabilitation center on children with chronic conditions. Such as, for example, cystic fibrosis patients. 50 patients, about 12 years old staying at the 'Zeepreventorium' came to the Zoo of Plankendaal to forget during one day their medical struggling.
2016-04-18KNOKKE-OOSTKUSTSteun aan Tejo, therapie voor jongerenTEJO biedt laagdrempelige, psychotherapeutische hulpverlening aan jongeren tussen 10 en 20 jaar, kortdurend, onmiddellijk, professioneel, anoniem, en gratis. De dienstverlening gebeurt door professionele therapeuten op vrijwillige basis. De therapie heeft als hoofddoelstelling de jongeren te deblokkeren en hen opnieuw in hun krachten te brengen. Op die manier komt TEJO preventief tegemoet aan dringende hulpvragen zodat de probleemsituatie niet verder escaleert en de jongeren in een vroeg stadiu
2016-03-10ANTWERPENSEIN expertise centre for epilepsy and medical science for sleepThe investigation to the interaction of sleep and epilepsy, sleep with children en the restless legs syndrome can improve the life quality for many.
2016-03-02LAND VAN WAASborstkankerpreventie en informatie Steunen van de borstkliniek in Sint-Niklaas. Steunen van de organisatie : Think Pink
2016-03-01LEUVENSelf-injury behaviorIntentional self-injury behavior is an important indicator for suicidality. In Flanders 15 % of the youth injures themselves. This means that 1 of 7 youngsters in Flanders cut, burns or scratches himself intentionally. Prof. Imke Baetens developed 2 specialized ambulant therapies to help these youngsters and this in an interuniversity research project (KULeuven and VUB)
2016-02-01LAND VAN WAASOrgan donation - awareness-raising action with bread bags.2016With a text on 250 000 bread bags we want to inform people about the existence and usefulness of organ-,blood- and stem cell donation.
2016-01-01DEUX SOURCES (GEMBLOUX-EGHEZEE)Altiplano – Jardins scolaires et Potagers agroécologiques sur les Hauts Plateaux boliviens - Phase 2016Il s'agissait d'abord de financer la construction de serres pour cultiver les jardins scolaires potagers. Ensuite d'aider les mères à bien cuisiner les légumes produits pour une meilleure nutrition des enfants. Actuellement, soutien via les écoles au transfert des connaissances intergénérationnels par la valorisation des savoirs et savoirs faire en agroécologie. Phase annuelle du projet global SIE-08943
2016-01-01DEUX SOURCES (GEMBLOUX-EGHEZEE)Jardins de coeur, jardins de poches (campagne 2016-17)animer quatre ateliers Jardins de poche à partir du printemps pour des personnes bénéficiaires du resto du coeur : apprendre les mini-potagers de saison, à cultiver puis à cuisiner la récolte.
2016-01-01DEUX SOURCES (GEMBLOUX-EGHEZEE)Suite de notre projet dans les villages reculés du Benin - Soutien Verso du Miroir (phase 2016-2017)Phase 2016-2017 du projet de soutien au développement dans les villages reculés du Bénin (ONG Verso du Miroir) Clip présentant les 3 chantiers réalisés au Nord-Bénin par des jeunes belges en collaborations avec des jeunes béninois Actions et résultats : - Reportage photo 2015 : - Reportage vidéo 2016 :
2016-01-01MONS-BORINAGETELEVIE (recherche contre le cancer) Nous avons soutenu la RTL-TVI (Chaîne de Télévision belge) dans leur campagne de collecte de fonds dédiée à la recherche sur le cancer. En raison du nombre élevé de victimes du cancer, parmi lesquels il y a beaucoup de femmes. Pour améliorer la visibilité des Soroptimist que la campagne est dirigée par une chaîne de télévision très populaire et sur la soirée de clôture, ils ont un spectacle grandiose avec beaucoup de téléspectateurs, au cours de laquelle ils montrent aussi les opérateurs téléph
2016-01-01KORTRIJKSIE-Scholarship - Julie BolcaenJulie Bolcaen, PhDstudent needed extra funds to complete her life-saving Phd in biomedical science. She's doing research on new markers to locate braintumors.
2015-12-15SPASoutien à l'oeuvre LOVINGKIDS qui vise à rendre accessible le BONHEUR, l'ESPERANCE et la JOIE à des enfants fragilisés par leur hospitalisation ou vivant dans un centre d'accueilMaquiller et offrir un portrait-photo aux enfants malades dans les hôpitaux et aux enfants défavorisés dans les centres d'accueil
2015-11-20OUDENAARDE - VLAAMSE ARDENNENPop-up restaurantOur club provided materials to a hospital and campaigned for equal access to health care
2015-11-09CHARLEROI-SOLEILMONTSoutien au TelevieNous organisons chaque annee un souper dansant au profit du Télévie.
2015-11-02EEKLO-MEETJESLANDhospital Nepalwederopbouw orthopedisch ziekenhuis Nepal
2015-10-01ZOTTEGEM ZUID-OOST-VLAANDERENSimilesWe donated some funds to the organisation Similes that helps family members of disabled people. Often our intentions go to the disabled people and we forget their family members and the impact on their life and psychological health.
2015-10-01ZOTTEGEM ZUID-OOST-VLAANDERENMindervaliden VlaanderenOur club ensured an organisation for disabled people was able to organise events for their 50th anniversary
2015-10-01ZOTTEGEM ZUID-OOST-VLAANDERENH.E.L.P.We support HELP doctors to perform surgical reconstruction of congenital malformation and acquired urogenital fistula in girls and women to ensure they are accepted.
2015-10-01ZOTTEGEM ZUID-OOST-VLAANDERENLichtpunt Transporting FoodOur club sponsors the transport of food to deprived families in Zottegem.
2015-10-01ZOTTEGEM ZUID-OOST-VLAANDERENKinderhulp RwandaOur club helped ensuring access to better hygiene by building showers and toilets for families in Rwanda.
2015-10-01ANTWERPENShangrila HomeBecause of the urgency of the situation after the earthquake in Nepal, we supported financially, to shelter, care, feed and educate the street children of Shangri-La home in Katmandu.
2015-09-28GENTNPO CAR De Steijger, center for outpatient rehabilitation for children with disordersSponsoring a garden with toys for children from 21/2 to 5 years with developmental disabilities, who receive next to kindergarden 3 3 half days of multidisciplinary rehabilitation
2015-09-06EEKLO-MEETJESLANDFonds Ga voor Gelukpreventie zelfmoord bij jongeren
2015-09-04TONGEREN EPINONAModeshow/ Zorg aan mensen met een handicap'De centra die deel uitmaken van vzw Stijn/Sint Gerardus willen op een deskundige en geïnspireerde wijze het welzijn van personen met een handicap bevorderen.' Binnen vzw Stijn verlenen we zorg aan mensen met een handicap. Hierbij richten we ons vooral naar personen met complexe problemen en naar hen die binnen de bestaande zorg geen adequaat antwoord vinden.
2015-09-01DEUX SOURCES (GEMBLOUX-EGHEZEE)Salon de la Santé et Sensibilisation Don d'Organes - Gembloux 2016Sensibilisation au don d'organes (Soutien Campagne Club Land van Waas) Implication dans l'organisation d'un Salon de la santé régional (plus de 2000 visiteurs). Visibilité du Club et du Soroptimisme.
2015-09-01ROESELARE-ROSLARSOLFA Genital fistula in RD Congo, affect the most vulnerable group of women; 1/arise as a result of complication in childbirth, common in teenage mothers. Somethimes occur after rape&sexual violence. 2/ Urine and stool losses,given the african temperatures and limited resources, difficult to manage.3/ It cause social isolation (women are rejected by their husband, family, environment 4/ These fistulas can be surgically corrected ; in other african countries there are even special fistula clinics
2015-08-22SINT-TRUIDENDe OeverFunding for the oever which is an organization that gives temporary support to children and their families in times of difficult family situations.
2015-06-01MARCHE-EN-FAMENNEAide aux fillettes/handicapées -Asinerie-Gatte d'Or/ BelgiqueNotre Club a facilité l’accès aux soins de santé couvrir le manège permettra d'augmenter la capacité d'accueil d'enfants
2015-05-15EUPENAide au Nepal par AZIMUT Nepalassurer les premiers soins et aides alimentaires (riz, Pommes de terre,..) et/où couvertures aux villageois touchés par le tremblement de terre
2015-05-10EUPENAide au Nepal par AZIMUT Nepalsoutien financier à l´organisation AZIMUT pour l´apport des premiers soins et aide alimentaire (riz) et/ou couvertures aux villageois touchés par le tremblement
2015-03-22GENT-SCALDILYSRunning for MSWe sponsored Tom Groffils on his marathon run for MS in Rome. He was running for the Flemish MS league.
2015-03-07BASTOGNE-COEUR ARDENNESALON DE LA FEMMETell Soroptimist club and talk about organ donation
2015-03-01TONGEREN EPINONAStille ArmenDe stille armen zijn een groep vrouwen van Tongeren die zich inzetten voor diegenen die financiële problemen hebben en bij andere officiële instanties uit de boot vallen. Zij worden volop gesteund door de gemeenschap van Tongeren.
2015-03-01LEUVENFondation Hubi et Vinciane - BéninSupport of the regional development from the Parakou-N’dali region with projects in health care, education and entrepreneurship.The Foundation is committed to ' learning to do ' and ' learning by doing ' By this focus women and children in this underdeveloped region can evolve to be self-supported. The foundation is Belgian.
2015-01-01ANTWERPENWazi EsperanzaNotre club a contribué a l'achat d'une table et du matériel kinésithérapeuthique pour soigner des enfants handicapés dans un village au Péru. Nous avons choisi ce projet pour améliorer la vie de ces enfants handicapés qui vivaient cachés et mal soigné a cause de l'ignorance de leurs parants et leurs proches. Le projet fonctionne bien. La Kinésithérapeute Belge retourne en Belgique pour se spécialiser dans son domaine professionnel pendant que les gens sur place assurent la continuité.
2015-01-01ANTWERPENwazi esperanzahealth
2014-12-23MARCHE-EN-FAMENNEResto du Coeur Marche-en-Famenne/Belgiquefêter à Noël les 'clientes' de Resto du Coeur en leur offrant des colis remplis de produits de soin de base
2014-12-06ANTWERPEN DE ZES ROZENVZW Adic/ asbl AdicOur club actively supports and participates in a programme of empowerment of women in rehab and who are taken care by an association with their children.
2014-12-01GENT-SCALDILYSContact with elderly people - Kontakt BejaardenPrevention of isolation of old people. Members volunteering to spend time with the elderly on a regular base.
2014-10-01MARCHE-EN-FAMENNEFonds Emile Salamon: accompagnement humain et social de patientes dans leur lutte contre le cancerNotre Club a facilité l’accès aux soins de santé ◦Notre Club a fait campagne pour l'égalité d'accès aux soins de santé
2014-10-01MARCHE-EN-FAMENNELutte contre la maladie de Kashin-BeckAméliorer la santé des enfants grâce à la nutrition et prévenir la maladie de Kashin-Beck causant de fortes déformations des articulations.
2014-09-08MONS-BORINAGEFinancial contribution to the set-up of a family planning awareness campaignProvide financial help to allow set-up of an awareness caimpaign related to family planning in the village of YOU in Burkina Faso
2014-07-06MARCHE-EN-FAMENNEMALOEK-de l'eau propredégager la canalisation amenant l’eau à une localité et à une clinique de campagne accueillant beaucoup de femmes et enfants.
2014-06-01MONS-BORINAGEContribution to the creation of a Help Fund to the benefit of the Elderly Loving Home - Danang , VThe Elderly Loving Home is a charity care center for old handicaped women located in Danang -Vietnam. 40 eighty years old women lives and are taken care of in this center. Last winter a tropical storm completely destroyed the roof of the various buildings and damaged the furniture. Thru our contact, a help request was adressed to the soroptimist club of Mons-Borinage in order to collect the required funds for the repair and refurbishment - amount required : 3500€
2014-06-01FAGNESHelp for AFED ( Aide aux Femmes et Enfants Démunis au Togo ) Participation to the creation of a Pole Mother / Children in a village located at 30 kms from Lomé ( Togo ) . The goal is to secure the birth of childrens there and the care after the birth . It will help too to offer clothes and food to the mothers there .
2014-05-07FAGNESRELAIS POUR LA VIE 2014 cancer fight .
2014-04-01EEKLO-MEETJESLANDcommunication and oncologyPromoting efficiant communication and creating awareness between healthcare providers and patients
2014-03-30LAND VAN WAASSnoezelruimte (Sensory Area) - zeepreventorium Den Haan - BelgiëSetting up sensory area for mucovisidose patients in "Zeepreventorium" - Den Haan (B)
2014-03-19GENKSustainement of women in povertySustaining women and children
2014-02-20ANTWERPEN ANTHOSPDaftercare for women with breast cancer
2014-01-01MONS-BORINAGEParticipation to the Télévie fund raising action to the benefit of cancer researchProvided dupport to the RTL-TVI fund raising caimpain dedicated to cancer research
2014-01-01ROESELARE-ROSLARSEE & SMILEHumanitarian missions are organized in underdeveloped regions in third world countries : medical consultations and surgical procedures, training and / or further training to local health workers.
2013-12-19SINT-TRUIDENSINT_VINCENTIUS ORGANISATION help people in need in our region
2013-10-01BRUGGE Support of the home assistance for Foton (Center of expertise for dementia)Only 3 consultants are payed by the government. The other care takers are 100% volunteers and our funds provide the training of these volunteers, mostly women.
2013-09-16AALST"Beste Zussen"Disadvantaged women are isolated from the normal circuit of information and prevention. Because of the low treshold the district health center has for these women, they attend meetings organised during shoolhours and they feel more at ease to share their concerns amongst kindred spirits.
2013-09-01GENT-SCALDILYSLopen voor Sabinehelp a woman, victim of a serious accident with paralysis as a consequence
2013-09-01ZOTTEGEM ZUID-OOST-VLAANDERENLichtpuntIn our city there are families who are deprived from necessary healthy food
2013-07-01ANTWERPEN ANTHOSmemberProvide assistance and support to mothers with younger children in financial difficulties (Antwerp).
2013-06-01FAGNESCamp de vacances pour des enfants souffrant d'un cancer. Help the Camp Tournesol - Fondation contre le cancer to find founds in order to organize holidays to young girls suffering from cancer . It corresponds to 8 days , with the assistance of doctors and nurses .
2013-06-01GENT-SCALDILYSVilla Rozeroodsupport women with handicapped or severely ill child(ren) and allow them to take a break
2013-06-01GENT-SCALDILYSKollektief Anticonceptiehelp the organisation to furbish their new facilities
2013-06-01GENT-SCALDILYSDe Sloep - Gezond en lekker eten met weinig cententhe underprivileged tend to have difficulties to feed their families well
2013-05-01BRUGGEWater tank in the Nepalese village of Golden Gaira Gaun Financial support to build a water tank as water is the main issue in the construction of their new social and health center
2013-04-01TONGEREN EPINONAPsychotherapeutic relief fundFinancial relief fund, which will put at the disposal of professional and abjective entities, who will decide who can receive an financial intervention.
2013-04-01GENT-SCALDILYSLucia - Een lichtstraal in het leven van een kindfood and health provision for small children (< 4 years old)
2013-04-01TONGEREN EPINONATrampolienFinancial relief fund will decide who can receive a financial intervention based on objective and professional considerations.
2013-02-03SINT-TRUIDENOrphanage "HOGAR PARA TODOS" in Ecuadorwe provided support for the education of young orphans
2013-02-01ANTWERPENOrgaan donatieAs in previous years, we were approached by SIB in order to take action in the field of organ donation.
2013-01-16BASTOGNE-COEUR ARDENNEASBL Médecins du désertFistula problems among African women following maternity (difficult births) or the violence suffered. Fistula problems among African women following maternity (difficult births)
2013-01-01AALSTRenaissanceTo reduce maternal mortality: many women die when they need an emergency caesarean, because they walk for hours/days to the hospital in the nearest town. Mobile units with echographic appliace to onderzoek the women in labor.
2012-12-01VEURNE-WESTHOEKA warm hart for the homeless people in Brusselswe will give the necessary warm clothes to the homeless women by the start of cold wheather. We ask also for what is necessary, so this winter(2013 we buyed warm socks and underwear because we cannot give it second hand)
2012-12-01SOIGNIESAide matérielle Maison d'Accueil pour femmes en difficultésManque de vêtements, mobilier, linge de maison, ustensiles de cuisine...pour ces femmes qui ont souvent dû quitter leur logement en urgence sans rien emporter et qui souhaitent se réinstaller dans un nouveau logement.
2012-12-01GENTAfia Shuleni - School medicine and medical training opleidingthe region of South Kivu (DR Congo) has limited access to health care: no school medicine, low standards of hygiene, limited personal hygiene, specifically oral & dental, not enough trained personnel. The project provides a fully (biometric and clinical) medical research from pupils of the 1st and 4th class primary school and the 1st class secondary school; the training in health promotion and disease prevention of medical teams (doctors and nurses) and it The project has agreements with the P
2012-11-24ANTWERPENLimmerikSome parents of heavely disabled children prefer to take the great responsibility not to place their children in institutions but to take care of them themselves.
2012-09-21KORTRIJKProject Mindervaliden Vlaanderen / Kortrijk- increasing the level and quality of the monthly meetings - increasing the participation rate to those monthly meetings, especialy of the disabled women, by creatin a chauffeursystem - enhancing the social contacts of the disabled women by participating in the monthly meetings (as chauffeur, friend, caterer)
2012-09-21KORTRIJKBreastclinic A.Z. Groeninge-Kortrijk- improving the quality of the personal booklet that accompanies the women during the period of care and treatment - increasing the quantity of those booklets called "borstboekje" (brestbooklet) to 250
2012-09-15FAGNESAdeps Hiking action for Televie action supportFirst time we organised an hiking . Difficult to forsee the benefits to be given for Televie . " Marche Adeps " where we sold some beverage + cakes in order to earn money for Televie action. That in addition of the Televie action that we manage every year : sale of Televie articles
2012-09-01SINT-TRUIDENSINT-VINCENTIUS ORGANISATION SINT-TRUIDENWe try to help people living in poverty in our region.
2012-09-01ZOTTEGEM ZUID-OOST-VLAANDERENLichtpuntin our own city whe know that there are families who are deprived from healty food.
2012-04-15EEKLO-MEETJESLANDCancer and palliative careOur project was a tribute to one of our members who died from cancer last summer. After she was aware of her illness she died 6 weeks after.It was "she" who wanted to organise a concert together with the youth.But during the preparations she died.
2012-03-01MARCHE-EN-FAMENNEFONDATION CONTRE LE CANCERThe aim of the global project was to collect funds in order to support the research of the Foundation against Cancer.
2012-03-01MARCHE-EN-FAMENNEFondation contre le Cancer (Cancer Foundation)we raised funds for the cancer research foundation.
2012-01-01GENT-SCALDILYSAfia Shuleni - schoolgeneeskunde en opleidingthe region of South Kivu (DR Congo) has limited access to health care: no school medicine, low standards of hygiene, limited personal hygiene, specifically oral & dental, not enough trained personnel
2012-01-01LAND VAN WAASVerdoken armoede in het Waaslandeen gezonde maaltijd (soep) verschaffen aan schoolgaande kinderen
2011-10-01BRUXELLES DOYENLA COUPOLE DE L'AUTISMERaising awareness on the needs for autism for adults To participate in the support for and provision of time relief for mothers of autistic adults, and thereby improve their health. Mothers are at the first place for autistic adults support, and need to be helped in this quasi 24/7 task. Parents, and particularly mothers, should have the possibility of sending their children to specific support centers.
2011-09-15LIER - DE ZILVEREN KNOOPHet smolderThe mission is to provide young mothers with a lack of grip on one or more areas of life chances of their baby / child to give a proper start in life in the best possible conditions. The goal is twofold: Creation of personal autonomy in several domains grow to maturity. Reintegration into society. Child-oriented application development to give the child through the parent sufficient structure for the afterlife.
2011-09-01OUDENAARDE - VLAAMSE ARDENNENAZ OUDENAARDEThe cancer patients (women) have no cosy space in the hospital for psychological and practical support.
2010-09-05LAND VAN WAASSocial Grocery Store "De Springplank" Sint-Niklaas, BelgiumThe Social Grocery Store provides food for poor people with support from the foodbanks. The organisation told us about the need of products for body care for adults, children and babies.
2010-05-01IEPERpfr responsableLa répression de la femme.
2010-01-01DEUX SOURCES (GEMBLOUX-EGHEZEE)Grenier d’AwoudenineAccroître la sécurité alimentaire et améliorer la santé de quelque 120 familles touarègues qui sont amenées à se sédentariser. La mission de l'asbl est d'apporter les fonds nécessaires au démarrage des actions et l'aide à la mise en place d'une organisation permettant d'atteindre le but fixé en collaboration avec le Comité de Gestion, partenaire local dont les membres font partie de la communauté. Nous les outenons financièrement
2009-01-01HESBAYELes amis de JulienContinuer de financer les projets d’ animation ‘ d’ hébergement et de soutien financier.
2008-09-01VEURNE-WESTHOEKEen Streepje ZonProviding necessities to poor women and children to enable them to be part of education and improving basic needs for one-parent families with financial needs/problems.
2006-06-06EEKLO-MEETJESLANDgo for waterto bring water to the people on the hills
2005-01-01HESBAYEHaut regardAider des adultes handicapés en leur permettant de vivre une vie la plus proche possible de celle de tout le monde.
2002-02-14LAND VAN WAASOrgaandonatie sensbilisering scholenSensibiliseringscampagne in de scholen
1918-01-01ARLONDons d'organes -sachets pour painsSensibiliser notre population au don d'organes . Nous offrons aux boulangeries de notre région des sachets pour pain sur lesquels figure une belle information sur le don d'organes.
1916-04-01GENT-SCALDILYSDe Tinten - babyprojectProvide nappies and wet towels to families with babies and toddlers in cooperation with De Tinten. De Tinten helps refugees and people without papers.
1914-01-01SOIGNIESSoutien financier à l'hôpital de Mwenga Aider l'asbl Fraternité au Kivu pour l'achat d'équipements et la rénovation de l'hôpital de Mwenga en RDC et soutenir ainsi l'intervention du Docteur Blairon, chirurgien pensionné de Soignies qui travaille bénévolement dans cet hôpital.
1913-06-21HESBAYELa BernacheServices résidentiels de nuit dédiés aux handicapés. Accueil de nuit des handicapés
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