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2019-07-01SINT-TRUIDENKabokkioKabokkio offers a Summer Programme for children to experience learning, culture, environment and fun. We raised funds to support children of low-income families so that they also can participate.
2019-06-25IEPERWater purificationOur club realises that climate and environment are very important and essential items. This is why our club had a guided tour during 2 hours in the water purification installation of the city of Ieper.
2019-06-13KNOKKE-OOSTKUSTDe bioboerIn het kader in Milieudag een bezoek brengen aan een bioboer en vrouwen stimuleren om biologisch verantwoord te kopen.
2019-06-01KNOKKE-OOSTKUSTGeefpleinGeefplein, een ruilbeurs voor kinderkledij, -spullen en speelgoed
2019-01-23HASSELTEvent with prof. dr. Tim NawrotLearning about the health effects of environmental pollutants on ageing including effects in early life.
2019-01-13VERVIERSLes Iles de PaixLes Iles de Paix accompagnent plus de 300 000 agriculteurs pour qu’ils puissent mieux nourrir leur famille et améliorer leurs conditions de vie.
2019-01-01BRUGGEMani Viger waterprojectDit project wordt gerealiseerd in het gebied Kavre, zowat 90km van Kathmandu. Het gaat om de bouw van 3 waterreservoirs en 6km waterleiding.(geen pompen). De bron ligt op zowat 1600m en er is een verval van 800m. Dat laat toe de oogst te verbeteren en verhoogt de levenskwaliteit van de dorpelingen.
2018-10-01HASSELTFundraising for URJA-energyFundraising project for URJA Energy, a young NGO working towards empowerment of women and promoting women’s health We believe in this organisation in India, hard working on empowerment of women and promoting women’s health URJA aims to set up a ‘solar farm’ to help meet the energy requirements. Solar panels have already been installed and are working in Maharajganj district. They will take this further and provide electrification to 1200 villages. URJA is also working towards empowe
2018-08-23AALSTProject of our President 2016-2018Treat on an ice cream at De Heide, Merelbeke
2018-07-31SIDOMO VZWUpon request of Mr Steven Vynckier (Head of International Environment Policy), who was a speaker at our monthly meeting, we made a donation to DOMO
2018-07-31AALSTDOMO VZWUpon request of Mr Steven Vynckier (Head of International Environment Policy), who was a speaker at our monthly meeting, we made a donation to DOMO (Instead of a compensation for this presentation)
2018-07-04AALSTBROEIKLAS VOOR TALENTConfiguration of 4 laptops
2018-06-20VEURNE-WESTHOEK25 november ORANGE PROJECT 2018-2019The issue is simply supporting the professional aid trainers who are helping women being a victim of relational violence, by sponsoring the organization of a training theater moment.
2018-06-13AALSTDON BOSCOPurchase of 20 bicycles
2018-06-06AALSTDE HEIDEThe leftovers (non-alcoholic drinks Little Miracles) of our yearly fundraising event "Diamonds for Charity" were given to an institution for non congenital brain injuries
2018-02-26AALSTDE VLIERCollect warm cloths for 2 boys 9 & 13 years old
2018-02-13IEPERTrampolineWe sponsored a trampoline for a home for minors, adolescents and families in an difficult educational situation. It is important that minors and adolescents have an interesting and active occupation and it is good for their health and body mass index. It seems pedagocically excellent and a therapy for children with ADHD. Active occupation during free time is very important for everyone, especially minors and adolescents.
2018-02-08AALSTBroeiklas voor talentWe sponsored the purchase of reading books and educational material. Through Kattty Scheerlinck (General Manager) of Unique Interim we were able to donate 4 laptops.
2018-02-04SINT-TRUIDENDe Regenboog "A good book is a good friend"We organised a mass to collect money for the school "The Regenboog". The money will be used to buy books for children with special needs.
2018-02-01LAND VAN WAASOrgan donation - awareness-raising action with bread bags - 2018With a text on 250 000 bread bags we want to inform people about the existence and usefulness of organ-,blood- and stem cell donation.
2018-01-24LAND VAN WAASSpringplank -2The Social Grocery Store provides food and body care products for poor people with support from the foodbanks. Also school supplies at the start of new schoolyear.
2017-12-01MECHELENSt. VincentiusverenigingZie project 2016
2017-11-25LAND VAN WAASOrange day 2017Sensibilisation action : Elimination of all violence against women and children. We make a bookmark with information about it.
2017-10-01AALSTRULIDE- training on female genital mutilation - training on food preparations to preserve nutrients needed for the human bodies - entrepreneurship for economic improvement
2017-10-01ROESELARE-ROSLARSolfa , Prenatal care for African womenNo syringe or needle is available in the emergency department. Patients must buy them before they can be 'served'. We would like to lend a hand there.
2017-09-03EUPENEupener Ladies Run ( 1ère partie)Sensibilisation des femmes de la région à leur santé par une activité sportive en manifestant notre visibilité du Club , induisant notre Manpower soutenant le fundraising
2017-09-01LAND VAN WAASThink pinkThink-pink informs, raises awareness, supports scientific research and collects money for care-aftercare projects.
2017-09-01MECHELENScouts Thila ColomaZie zelfde project 2016
2017-09-01SINT-TRUIDENFund for summerschool KabokkioSince the government does not subsidies these programs, the costs are too high for some families, and children miss out on these educational opportunities, i.e. new language, cooking...
2017-09-01VERVIERSVente de lards chocolatésVenir en aide à 2 œuvres locales; l'Espace Vivie ; espace "bien-être" dédié aux patients atteints d'un cancer et L'ACCUEIL ASBL; Maison d'Accueil pour femmes en difficulté et leurs enfants.
2017-07-01AALSTBEGELEIDINGSTEHUIS TER MURENWith our donation +/- 70 single mothers will be able to go on a family camp
2017-06-15AALSTSTELLA MATUTINA COLLEGEPurchase of AED (defibrillator)
2017-05-21MECHELENFRASSATI-SCOUTSFrassati, scouts en gidsengroep is toegankelijk voor zowel valide als mindervalide kinderen en jongeren. Onze club helpt bij de financiering van de afwerking van de nieuwbouw lokalen speciaal aangepast aan de mindervaliden.
2017-05-01LAND VAN WAASOntdek De Ster "Ontdek de ster" is a project meant to organize a sports day for young people with a handicap.
2017-05-01VAL BRABANT-WATERLOOFormations agricultrices via Aide au Développement Gembloux (ADG) Aider au financement d'un stage destiné à des agriculteurs/trices de pays du Sud. Ce stage donné à ADG Gembloux vise à les former à réaliser des projets d'agriculture durable avec adaptation aux changements climatiques. Ces agricultrices ainsi formées seront davantage en capacité de relever pleinement et activement les nombreux enjeux auxquels leur région est confrontée au quotidien: changement climatique, dégradation croissante de l’environnement, épuisement des ressources naturelles.
2017-04-12VISEYalla en avantCentre de renutrition au Bénin
2017-03-19AALSTVRIJE BASISSCHOOL MOORSELSearch for laptops for a primary school in Moorsel
2017-03-01LAND VAN WAASVZW BijsWe help mothers and fathers to create a new home for their disabled children. A home with the necessary guidance so they can live as independently as possible.
2017-02-01IEPERHoliday Camp Youth MovementWe supported poor families so that children whose parents can't afford it, could be member of a youth organisation and could participate to the holiday camp. We wanted the poor children to have the same chances as other children to participate to activities and to social life.
2017-01-10IEPERVoedselbankWe donated the difference between a normal meal at the clubhouse and an simple sandwich to the food bank. Supplementary, our members made dessert for the people who came at the food bank the days after. The project was a succes because, by making the desserts for the 'clients' of the foodbank, we felt much more involved.
2017-01-01test clubtest op PFRdit is het doel
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2017-01-01ROESELARE-ROSLARHagewindeschool buys bicycles for underprivileged children, build a bicycle storage and a workshop for self-repairing and teach students to take care of their bikes. Children also receive traffic education. there are quite a few children in a vulnerable home situation; so the operating grants are insufficient to meet all the needs due to increasing issues such as poverty,...
2016-12-02SINT-TRUIDENXmas presents for refugeesWe provided nicely wrapped skin care products as Xmas presents for the women in the refugee shelter in Sint-Truiden.
2016-12-01SINT-TRUIDENyoga mats for refugeesWe provided yoga mats for the women refugees to take yoga classes so they can relax.
2016-11-14LAND VAN WAASTraining health activists - Philippines Education and training of health activists - women
2016-11-01LAND VAN WAASProject Tobacouta - BâtançéProvide an oven to each Tobacouta family. Improve the quality of life -safer,more hygienic cooking-women work independently and generate own income, ecological dimension
2016-10-01ZOTTEGEM ZUID-OOST-VLAANDERENPROTOSEvery day, Protos invests itself in its task of providing ever more people with drinking water, sanitation and/or water for agriculture.
2016-10-01ZOTTEGEM ZUID-OOST-VLAANDERENDe RuisgaardDe Ruisgaard is an ecological farm where children who live in difficult circumstances can assist the farmers cultivate and help taking care of the farm-animals.
2016-10-01ZOTTEGEM ZUID-OOST-VLAANDERENTrees @ KloosterbosWe supported planting trees at KLoosterbos, a forest in our town.
2016-10-01EEKLO-MEETJESLANDthink pinkVia website, folders, persberichten, activiteiten, evenementen en doelgerichte acties vraagt think pink meer aandacht voor borstkanker en screeningsmammografie. Think Pink informeert, sensibiliseert, steunt wetenschappelijk onderzoek en zamelt geld in voor zorg- en nazorgprojecten.
2016-09-08LAND VAN WAASHealing Hands HaitiWith the support of Healing Hands (NGO) we try to give women and children the prostheses they need and empower them to help themselves.
2016-09-05LAND VAN WAASSpringplank -1The Social Grocery Store provides food and body care products for poor people with support from the foodbanks. Also school supplies at the start of new schoolyear.
2016-09-01LAND VAN WAASWitte Raven - peterschap 3 jaarThe project tries to minimize the inconvenience , which children encounter in their development, by small scale and discrete actions.
2016-07-01AALST'T NESTProvide assistance/supervision for after school support for vulnerable children
2016-06-01AALSTPROJECT OF OUR PRESIDENT We sponsored a little garden at the institution De Heide (Merelbeke.
2016-05-01AALSTTANDERUISour club contributed to the expansion of the library, media library and toys lending of an association who provides ambulatory and mobile support for people with autism (Oost-Vlaanderen)
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2016-02-14VEURNE-WESTHOEKI give you my heart! I Give you my heart! 14/02 Simply by registering yourself at the Register office of your commune, you can save up to eight lives!
2016-01-01AALSTPLAN OUDER Improve the life and status of women and girls through education, development of potential and creation of opportunities
2015-09-28GENTToko Telo, primary school and orphanage in MadagascarThe project shelters homeless children and reintegrate them into their villages We help by financing a waterpomp
2015-06-25KNOKKE-OOSTKUSTSteun aan de slachtoffers van de aardbeving in Nepal Hulp aan slachtoffers van natuurrampen en ondersteuning van de mensen in de kampen
2015-06-09TONGEREN EPINONASoroptimists Go GreenInformatie over en bezoek aan De Kevie, een natuurgebied in Tongeren.
2015-06-01AALSTDON BOSCO SCHOOLDonation of an industrial refrigerator to a specialized school with a culinary section
2015-06-01LEUVENvzw BISZ / Solar Zonder GrenzenSolar Without Borders introduces solar kiosks and locally produced calabash lamps to remote areas in West Africa. They give light to the people so they can work, read, cook, make homework... They also give light to hospitals, schools...Light is essential for the education, for economic empowerment and the solar kiosks are an healthy alternative. This project gave us the possibility to illuminate a little village in Togo and by this we empower all the people of this village.
2015-05-01ZOTTEGEM ZUID-OOST-VLAANDERENHelping to alleviate Nepal's needsEmergency aid and education access via ngo Cunina and school supplies via a former member, direct support to Soroptimist Kathmandu.
2015-02-01TONGEREN EPINONAtesttest
2015-01-01ROESELARE-ROSLARsolfa "ecofours"With our "ecofours" programme in Rwanda, we help the poorest families cook more efficiently and in more environmentally friendly way. Our ambition is to solve an ecological problem and to make this "ecofours" available to the most vulnerable families.
2014-11-24AALSTSOROPTIMIST TANZANIA RULIDEThis project is aiming at empowering women in Tanzania. The intervention shall alleviate poverty to target groups through creating income. We sponsored computers
2014-10-01BRUXELLES DOYENAide aux femmes victimes de guerre à l'hôpital PANZIAide aux femmes victimes des violences de guerre dans la région des Grands Lacs (Congo) via élargissement de la conscientisation et une aide pour aider l'hôpital Panzi à fonctionner. De nombreuses femmes et filles de la région des Grands Lacs sont soumises à des crimes de guerre. Un hôpital spécifique a été fondé pour les aider et les accompagner au niveau médical, social, juridique et psychologique. L'Hôpital Panzi a des besoins constants en matériel médical spécifique.
2014-10-01MARCHE-EN-FAMENNELutte contre le Cancer -RELAIS POUR LA VIE- BelgiqueNotre Club a facilité l’accès aux soins de santé ◦Notre Club a fait campagne pour l'égalité d'accès aux soins de santé
2014-10-01BRUGGESOS-Gent Sexual education on schoolMedical students provide sexual education in schools in an informal way, in order to break taboos, invalidate myths and change behaviour
2014-09-07LAND VAN WAASAmma - Amrita Koetiram - IndiaThe project wish to build 100000 two-chamberhouses with water- en electricity supply. The project focuses on five basic needs: food, shelter, education, health and livelihood.
2014-09-01LAND VAN WAASAmma - amrita koetiram vijf basisbehoeften te vervullen: voedsel, onderdak, onderwijs, gezondheidszorg en levensonderhoud. five basic needs: food, shelter, education, health and livelihood.
2014-04-05VEURNE-WESTHOEKMama na Watoto Helping teenage mothers from vulnerable areas in Kenia.
2014-03-01BRUGGEWater Cisterns for Ruy Barbosa in BrazilBy financially supporting the construction of the cisterns, we want to fix the drought problem. With the cisterns the local villagers will be able to grow their crops and her their cattle. Not having to cover long distances to catch fresh will leave more time for education and family.
2013-12-01VEURNE-WESTHOEKsleepwel childrento releive the conditions of the basics for life daily in a country in war
2013-09-02AALSTNGO LES SOURCESThe ngo in Kinshasa focuses on the training of exiled widows in fields of agriculture, animal husbandry, literacy, cleaning etc...
2012-11-01BASTOGNE-COEUR ARDENNESeeds for Alls (Project Matching Madagascar)Awareness of living and working Malagasy women (Sensibilisation aux conditions de vie et de travail des femmes malgaches)
2012-09-20THUDINIEAide à un groupe d'entraide pour hémiplégiquesRécolter des bouchons en plastique revendus au poids. Les fonds obtenus sont versés à une association pour hémiplégiques qui les utilise selon les besoins des jeunes.
2012-06-30MARCHE-EN-FAMENNEAide aux Femmes au Mali en GuerreAs we have friendshiplinks with the Mali and since we had via email some news about the human needs in the country, we decide to join the global program of the SIE.
2012-02-01LAND VAN WAASOrgaandonatie - sensibiliseringsactie rond Valentijn 2016 - Via informatie op broodzakken de mensen op de hoogte brengen van het belang van orgaan- bloed- en stamceldonatie . 2012-2015 : in ziekenhuizen en openbare plaatsen de mensen informeren over orgaan- bloed- en stamceldonatie.
1914-06-15ROESELARE-ROSLARBANGLA BARIAn organisation that provide microcredite to women. They allows women to fairtrade centres. With this money houses are built, strengthened against natural disasters and they let their children study.
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