Organ Donation : Campaign 2018


"I give you my heart"

Valentine's February Awareness Action  for a larger audience and schools.

photo of the 2016 action

This is the third large action of bread sac distribution in collaboration with  bakeries in Belgium.  We realized in a three years action the distribution of 850'000 sacs to 850 bakeriesshops.


WHY are we dooing this action?

SENSIBILISATION :  a family information on a breakfast tabel about organ-, blood- & stem cell donation.

VISIBILITY :   Soroptimists spreading awareness about our civic engagement of organ-, blood & stem cell donation and letting this know to a larger public.

Soroptimists let their hearts speak for people young and old.

Take part in a spirit of solidarity!

In 2002, Soroptimists began their various awareness actions targeted at organ donations. later on we began to promote awareness for organ-, blood & stem cell donation.

The importance of youth awareness  is possible by organizing information days for secondary schools; This started on a yearly basis in 2003 and is possible because of the collaboration of a medical team, a responsible person of the ethical commission and the witnesses who are every year present.


Belgium leads the way in organ donations

Today, Eurotransplant, an organization involving 8 European countries, announces its figures on organ donations. Together with Croatia, Belgium remains the leader as regards the number of donors.

The three main reasons for this success in Belgium are: legislation, the efforts of hospital coordinators and various awareness campaigns. Among others are those of Beldonor, FOD Health, Safety of the Food Chain and Protection of the Environment. As a result, organ donation is no longer taboo in our country.

Although every Belgian is legally a potential donor, more than 185,000 citizens have taken the step to register with their local authority as potential donors. This is 5 times more than in 2005! For this reason, during the 2013 European Day of Organ Donation, our country was congratulated by the Council of Europe.

Source: FOD Volksgezondheid, veiligheid van Voedselketen in Leefmilieu

Posted by: FNBV January 20, 2014

More information :

Information days for secondary education.

Each year, in collaboration with medical teams, information days are organized in secondary schools and for the general public.

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