SIB President 2016 - 2018


Claire Hublet, President 2016-2018,  is a trained social nurse and Manager of House of rest and care. During more than 20 years, she has exercised the profession of Director of nursing to the "Résidence Porte de Hal" at Brussels. In 1990, she become member of the club of Bruxelles-Doyen, she held multiple functions in her club, as twice the function of President. She actively participated in the Organization of the European friendship days in Brussels in 2000, at the solidarity action of  "Télévie", advocacy actions for organ donation, she contributed to the youth  cruise in 2005, at the"Water in the House"project in collaboration with Belgian primary schools presented at Water Symposium organized by the Belgian Union in Verviers in 2010..." , as in the Organization of the 75 anniversary of the club Bruxelles-Doyen.
At the level of the Belgian Union, she was Governor and Chairman of the Extension Committee.

The mission that  she has set for 2016-2018 is to meet the objectives of SI & SIE "work for education, self-reliance and economic independence of women".

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Theme of the president

My programme will be built on three axes

  • -Promoting education and leadership

  • -Increasing our impact through greater visibility  HOW read more

  • -Optimising communication internally and externally


The first axis: To promote education and leadership

The theme and purpose of our association, "A universal voice for women" is part of the long term plan for SI "Education and leadership"

As stressed by Irina Bokova, director of UNESCO, in her 50th Anniversary message:

"Literacy is a guarantee of success for all society. Being the foundation of human dignity and the Rights of Man, literacy is indispensable for eradicating poverty, creating gender equality and building a solid inclusive society.

The 2016 -2018 plans of the Belgian Union lead us to work for the education, autonomy and economic independence of women.

Let us struggle together against poverty, to reduce inequalities, to demand the same justice for all, to reduce violence, to achieve gender equality, to preserve the environment and promote access to health care

Thousands of women, recently arrived in Belgium, speaking foreign languages, are beset by violence, discrimination and human trafficking.

Let us rise to the challenge and help them by promoting their integration, their autonomy and their independence through education Our goal is not political but a response to a huge humanitarian crisis which goes far beyond political debate.

I am now asking you to break new ground in helping them as you become their mentors.

  • -by promoting literacy, and learning the language of their host nation,

  • - by helping the women to understand their new rights and obligations,

  • -by teaching them local habits and customs,

  • -by guiding them through the labyrinth of work,

  • - by offering study grants to enable them to train in professions.


Furthermore, let us schedule our existing campaign "Organ donations" for Valentine's day, so creating the opportunity for so many people to benefit from a final hope for life.

Let's prepare ourselves for the "Télévie" campaign. A charitable action organised in French-speaking Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg by RTL since 1989 for the benefit of R.R.S-FBRS It facilitates the collection of funds to aid scientific research in the fight against cancer and leukaemia in both children and adults.

The Education and Leadership axis will remain the major force through all our actions, as much internally as externally.



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