Soroptimist International is a worlwide organisation of women engaged in business and professional life.  We are a women's club service.

Our 55 clubs and their members make every effort to improve the status of woment and girls around the world.

    How do we CONTRIBUTE......

Our projects and / or our awareness actions are always based on the objectives of Soroptimist, which are :

  • To improve any form of training for women and girls;
  • To combat all forms of violence against women and girls;
  • To promote the economic empowerment of every women;
  • To contribute to improving health care for women and girls
  • To advance the living conditions of women and girls.

Sending reports (Programme Focus Report) on our many projects allows our representatitves to exercise lobbying in favour of women in United Nations committees and in other European and international bodies.

Through networking we offer.....

  1. A global network of women with a wide diversity of professional, cultural and social backgrounds;
  2. The opportunity to establish new friendships;
  3. A forum for the exchange of knowledge and experience;
  4. The coming together of exemplary and motivating women;
  5. Above all, we give "a voice" to all women.

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