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Women & Environment

SOROPTIMIST & World Environnement Day THEME 2017 : Connecting People to Nature  =  « I'm With Nature » OUR COMMITMENT : raise awareness and invest in a future where we can live in a healthy environment by maintaining ties with nature a ...

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Voorzitter SIE 2017-2019 Renata Trottman-Probst & news van 2018

Renata Trottman-Probst president of SIE 2017-2019 REED MORE >>>   SEE ALL ANNOUNCEMENTS OF 2018   Please find here the new Message from the President with a video message at the end. Renata Trottmann Probst reflects on the first year of her ...

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Best Practice Award & Actie Fonds SIB 2018

  BEST PRACTICE AWARD SIB 2018 geselecteerd door de SIB uit de Program Focus Focus Reports (PFR) Prioriteit van de President SIB 2016-2018 Claire Hublet: "WERKEN IN DEZELFDE RICHTING EN voor HETZELFDE DOEL OM ONZE IMPACT OP ZICHTBAARHEID TE VERGROTEN" en om te vechten tege ...

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SI President's Appeal Mariet Verhoef-Cohen & SI news update

  SEE AND READ MORE <<<  SI NEWS SI President's Appeal Video: The Story So Far ... Watch a video message from Soroptimist International President, Mariet Verhoef-Cohen, who brings news from the 2017-2019 SI President’s Appeal, ...

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Women's Economic Empowerment

Photo competition 2014 SIE Author : Marianne MUKANKAKA, SI Gisenyi (Rwanda) Topic   : "Rational use of available space for meals with vegetables” Description:The lady in the photo is the owner of a plot of 50 m² where she lives with a small flower garden. She would like to hav ...

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