Women & Environment

SOROPTIMIST & World Environnement Day

THEME 2017 : Connecting People to Nature  =  « I'm With Nature »

OUR COMMITMENT : raise awareness and invest in

  • a future where we can live in a healthy environment by maintaining ties with nature and the rich and diverse social relationships. To do this, we must create a thriving environment. We create green economies.

  • contribution to promote women, including by fighting for recognition of their active participation in the preparation of decisions at all levels of life in common including in environmental decision-making.

Project Club Val Brabant Waterloo / ADG Gembloux: educating terms of farmers / women of countries of the South, to train them to carry out projects of sustainable agriculture with adaptation to climate change, increasing degradation of the environment, exhaustion of natural resources... Women will be also more independent financially. The role of women is increasingly recognized in the strengthening in a family related sustainable agriculture .


  • We organize actions in various local clubs to draw attention to the importance of responsible management of the environment in which girls are involved from a young age, but often at the expense of their development of their education!

  • As responsible women we start from the principle: "think globally and act locally". That is why we are defending and actively intervene in a dynamic of change of behavior.

  • Our Clubs are mobilizing to support recycling (toys, caps, clothing, computer hardware) but also for accountability of all waste and management of rainwater collection (cleaning streams) : construction of 'citernas' Ruy Barbosa, Brazil (Club Bruges) collect enough water for the dry period which lasts between six to eight months. Communities can be manipulated by politicians who abuses the scarcity of water for personal and political purposes.

  • As an organization present in the majority of countries in the world, we challenge the authorities to respect, defend and educate their citizens while ensuring equality between the genders. We know that in the field of supply of water, which concerns and affects the life of cities and the families, we still have great problems. Women stil endure the 'weight' of its pore management.
  • Acquired funding for a water well in Lubumbashi (Club Antwerp)

"In more than 70% of the homes where fetching water is a necessity, it is the responsibility of women and girls. That disadvantage them in their desire to go to school. Women are indispensable to the goal to achieve "sustainable development" but the following maxim is no gadget :Gender equality gives more chances for a sustainable policy for pure water and adequate sanitation. In addition, it is this behavioral change that imposes the responsibility; the fundamental principle of planetary unit namely: "think globally and act locally"

The United Nations programme for the environment is celebrated since 1972 and highlights regularly essential questions related to the protection of the environment and the consequences for the quality of life of the peoples and the survival of our planet.

Gender equality plays an important role in the environmental debate of the UN.  Soroptimists can cite from their objectives among other things two elements:

  • contribute to the improvement of health care for women and girls and 
  • improve the living conditions of women and girls.  

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