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Soroptimist International Europe (SIE) is one of the biggest of the four Federations that make up Soroptimist International (SI). 

Soroptimist International Europe has its own structure, procedures, strategies and priorities. Together, the major European countries along with the Middle East, the Caribbean and Africa, make up Soroptimist International of Europe. 

It currently comprises 24 Soroptimist Unions, 85 individual Clubs and 34 046 members in 61 countries(as per 30.06.2015). When a country has more than 7 clubs and at least 150 members, it forms what is called a Union.

Having been established only relatively recently in the Eastern Bloc countries, there are many individual clubs in that areas. 


To strenghten the friendship between the members, international meetings are being held:

  • Les Journées d’ Expression Françaises
  • European Meeting and Friendship Days
  • Deutschsprachiges Freundschaftstreffen



The logo, in the Art Deco style of 1920, is the symbolic expression of the aims of Soroptimist International.

A young woman raises her arms as a sign of gratitude, she is framed by oak leaves, symbol of power and perseverance, and by bay leaves to symbolize the crowning of her efforts.

The colours golden yellow and blue refer to  the sun and sea of California, the cradle of Soroptimist International.      



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